Earnin App USA 2022 Review: Paycheck Advance Loan App

Earnin App USA 2022 Review: Paycheck Advance Loan App

Sometimes you are short of cash and your payday is just a few days away. Which financial tool can help you in such a situation? The Earnin App could be the solution to help you stay on track with your finances.

Earnin’s payday advance is an inexpensive alternative to payday loans, but it shouldn’t be used regularly or to replace an emergency fund.

An alternative to payday loans, the Earnin app promises to give you “access to the pay you earn, when you want it.” Let’s jump into our Earnin app review, and find out if this new service can help you out when you’re short on cash.

What is “Earning App” ?

Earnin, formally known as ActiveHours, is a paycheck advance service that aims to get you your earned money before your payday. We’ve seen these types of services in the form of terrible payday loans before. You need some more cash before your payday arrives, so you borrow money from a service that then charges you an interest rate that’s usually outrageous.

Earnin is an app that lets you draw up a small amount of your earned wages before payday. Instead of charging interest, Earnin asks users to provide an optional tip for the service. Companies such as Dave and Brigitte offer similar products.

But, how easy is it to get money from the Earnin app, do you need to qualify to use the service, and is it really better than the fees from a payday loan? Keep reading as we find out how the Earnin app works.

How does the Earnin app actually work?

The Earnin app works by analyzing the time you work, and gives you faster access to your paychecks before your normal payday. Let’s explore some basic concepts of the Earnin app to help you better understand if it’s the right service for you.

You create a profile on the app and give it access to your checking account. Anyone can download Earnin, but to use it, you’ll need to receive your paycheck via direct deposit.

Earnin tracks your working hours. It does this differently depending on your job.

You can access it only after earning money. First time users can use up to $100 in the payment term. After that you can get more or less money. Users can reach a maximum of $100 per day, up to $500 per pay period.

When you request money, Earnin confirms your working hours. The company says that if you submit through the app, it takes about 10 minutes.

Once you’ve selected an amount, Earnin asks if you’d like to tip. Tips can range between $0 and $14, and Earnin deducts them from your payday on payday along with the money you borrow.

You will receive your money within one to two business days if you request on a working day, and on the second working day if you request on a weekend. There is an option to get the money instantly, but only if your bank supports it.

How do you qualify for the Earnin App?

Don’t worry, unlike a personal loan or payday loan, Earnin isn’t looking at your credit score. In fact, Earnin plays the financial game a little differently in some ways. Earnin App basically only needs to know that you have a job with regular salary schedule to qualify. But, how does Ernin know you’re done?

When you connect to Earnin, you’ll need to link the service to your checking account. From there, Earnin will be able to see how much you are earning through direct deposit.

How much does the Earnin App cost?

Earnin has zero mandatory fees and relies on voluntary suggestions from the community – seriously, no tricks here. When you choose to borrow money from the Service, you can choose to tip up to $14, or tip nothing at all; it’s your decision.

The tips help keep the service running smoothly, and apparently, the company has been running fine on that model since it was founded in 2013. This is quite a payday loan option with a reputation!

We can say with certainty that in our testing, we were happy to throw a few bucks into the service as a voluntary ‘thank you’ and the tip amount was a much lower percentage than in typical payday lending services.

How much can I borrow from the Earnings app?

There are two max things you should keep in mind in the Earnin app. The first max is your Daily Max, which is the same for all members – $100. Members cannot request to borrow more than $100 per day from Earnin.

The second max is your pay period max, and it decides how much money you can borrow between repayment periods. Depending on a number of factors, your payout period can be anywhere from a maximum of $50 to $500.

Earnin is not 100% upfront how they calculate your pay period max; The company simply states that “your pay period maximum is determined based on a number of factors that we believe are related to the assessment of your financial health.”

How long does it take to receive money from Earnin?

If you want to get money quickly from the Earnin app, you’ll want to sign up for the Lightning Speed ​​feature, which entails adding an eligible debit card to your account. With a debit card linked to Earnin, you can make requests and have access to money in minutes.

If you choose to use Lightning Speed, you will be charged for the convenience (this is one of the few charges for the service). Fees for using the service range from $1.99 to $3.99, depending on how much money you’re trying to withdraw into your bank account.

Pros and cons


  • No mandatory fee.
  • No interest.
  • Fast funding.


  • Requires access to your bank account.
  • Can lead to bad financial habits.


What if you can’t pay Earnin?

You will not be able to use Earnin Service in future until the past due amount has been paid. Additionally, non-payment of Earnings may affect your Total Maximum Loan amount if you opt to use the Service again.

Does Ernin call your employer?

No, Ernin does not contact your employer in any way. Earnin is not affiliated with and does not work with your employer. You are free to use the Earnin App without informing your employer.

Does Earnin App Affect Credit Score?

No, unlike traditional payday loans, Earnin does not affect your credit score in any way. Additionally, Earnin does not use your credit score information in its eligibility decisions.

What is the Balance Shield of Earnin App?

Earnin App provides a feature known as Balance Shield. If you enable Balance Shield for your account, Earnin will automatically grant you a loan if it believes that your bank account balance is about to fall into the negative.

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